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Meet Rev. Vanessa Hurst

International Award Winning Psychic Medium

Vanessa specializes in mediumship, cleansing, energy healing modalities, tarot, parapsychology, applied psychology, life coaching, portrait work, grief counseling, end of life therapy, past life regression and so much more.

Vanessa finds working with spirit a fun and rewarding path whether it’s connecting a loved one or clearing a home for an owner. Her biggest drive for her work comes from the sense of fulfillment that it provides. There will always be more to learn, more people to help and more friendships to make. It’s a work that fills her with peace and joy and allows her to provide love and comfort to those that have found themselves in difficult, often painful situations.

She is considered one of Southern Ontario’s best home rescuers for clearing negativity and stubborn spirits from homes, and has been featured on a number of programs; Niagara as well as Hamilton’s local news, Shadow Hunters and Paranormal Survivor TV series, Six Nations Paranormal APTN, Metaphysical Moments, The Gifted Onez podcast, The Black Cat Lounge podcast and radio programs for Brock University and Giant FM. She has won 30 awards based
on public voting for her work as a psychic, medium and spiritual artisan, past life hypnotherapist and life coaching awards!

Vanessa looks forward to learning more on her path of helping clients around the world and bringing them no-nonsense spirit messages, predictions, teachings, cleansings and advice. 

Local Niagara - In person and by phone


Southern Ontario - Reading Parties and House Clearings and Paranormal Investigations


Iinternational - Clients by phone


TV, podcasts, radio, gallery and platform readings she can be contacted at

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